Maintenance: Basic Care for Longer Vehicle Life.

Simple maintenance can keep your car working for you for many miles. From monthly visual inspections to comprehensive service checks, keeping an eye on every day wear and tear can stop small problems from becoming expensive headaches. As soon as you feel there is something wrong with your car like any kind of irregular noise, vibration, shimmer, or you note some leak or any warning light comes on while driving or anything that seems to be irregular-have your car inspected at as soon as you can-it might be unsafe to drive. It’s definitely better to check any small problem before it will cause something serious. Preventive Maintenance Anton Auto Repair Workshop offers comprehensive and affordable car maintenance packages to keep your car driving smoothly and safely. Our performance standards adhere to manufacturer’s guidelines, ensuring the right services for your vehicle at the right time. Although you should always refer to your owner’s manual for recommended maintenance intervals and elements, the standard suggested maintenance program is to have . minor checkups every 5000 Kms, with slightly more comprehensive checkups at regular intervals.

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