Oil Change

Changing your vehicle’s oil is one of the most important things you can do to avoid costly repairs later on. An oil and filter change involves draining out the old motor oil and replacing it with fresh, new motor oil. The oil filter also gets replaced at the same time.
Oil undergoes thermal breakdown due to high operating temperature. When this occurs, the oil becomes less effective as a lubricant. And without a good lubricant, parts of the engine rub together and wear each other out. Oil also contains additives that have the ability to neutralize acids. Over time, these additives get used up and stop being effective. Finally, oil can absorb water, dust and combustion byproducts and also hold them in suspension. Eventually, the oil gets saturated with this stuff and can’t absorb any more. Then that stuff remains in the engine and can cause corrosion. If you don’t change oil regularly, your engine won’t last as long as it could. Oil serves many crucial functions and clean Oil performs those functions better than dirty oil. Oil is relatively cheap, and changing your oil every 10000 Km is a very cheap insurance policy again-major repair down the road.
We recommend that you change. Your oil and filter every 10,000 Km. You may want to consider changing your oil more frequently if:

  • You live where the climate is extremely hot or cold You often drive on dirt roads
  • Your engine is old and burns oil
  • You frequently carry heavy loads
  • Heavy acceleration or high-speed driving

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