Importance of Car Inspections

Most motorists break down due to one of five common cause: Out of gas. The engine has stalled and won’t start. A dead battery. A flat tire. A overheating engine The encouraging aspect is that all of these difficulties are avoidable with common sense and a little effort. Preventive measures suggestions: Periodic mechanical checkups, especially when engine stalling, hard starting or other such symptoms are signaling trouble. Regular tire inspections to spot damage, unusual wear or under inflation that can lead to tire failure. Seasonal checks and preventive maintenance of the cooling system, a frequent factor in roadside break¬downs. Pay close attention to the gas gauge. Make it a habit to keep the tank half full at all times. This also safeguards against condensation in the tank. If all else fails, and you find yourself on the roadside, follow these tips: Try to move the car out of traffic to a safe location. Turn on the emergency flashers. Call for roadside assistance OR ask anyone who stop to offer aid to call for roadside assistance.

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